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Cover and Blurb Reveal

I've been a very bad blogger, but most nights I only have time to lurk. "Rescue by Ruin", my sexy steampunk story is now up on the Coming Soon page on the Ellora's Cave website. It comes out November 2nd I am very excited.

Here is the wonderful cover and the blurb;).

Forced to marry a violent man, Beatrice knows only one way out—ruin her reputation. She climbs aboard the Venia, a dirigible of ill repute, for a masquerade. Bea doesn’t expect to run into Vaughn Kemple, the third Duke of Missenden, who eight months ago left her without an explanation. Feeling secure behind her mask, she decides Vaughn will be the one to ruin her. She may not get to spend forever with this man she still loves, but at least she can have one night of pleasure.

But a mask is not enough to hide her identity. Vaughn recognizes Bea, shocked to find her aboard an airship where sexual freedom isn’t just a thought, it’s celebrated. But her actions are far from innocent. Captivated, he’s determined to make her his.

The heat between them flares, but Vaughn is torn between desire and honor. Bea is afraid to risk her heart on a man she can’t trust. And when her future husband arrives on the scene, more than their hearts are in danger.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!:)

Happy News!!

I have great news! My fabulous editor Grace has bought my latest story.

I stepped away from futuristic worlds and went into the past. Well, some form of past;). Rescue by Ruin is a Victorian steampunk story. Dirigibles, steam-powered gadgets and flying motorcycles are all part of this world as well as a young woman determined to survive, no matter what. I’ll share more once I have cover art and the blurb.

At the moment I’m sitting on an amazing deck next to a lake at a friend’s cottage. My whole writing group headed up here for a retreat. I’m working in Tangled Intrigue and am making slow progress. I have a much better outline and an idea what will happen, but my characters still aren’t falling in line. Well, we’ll have to see what kind of ride they’ll take me on;).

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

And in celebration of my steampunk sale here is The Steam Locomotive Perambulator by Doctor A. News;).

Still Alive!

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted and just wanted to give a quick update. I am reading everyone's posts, just don't get a chance to comment. Work is incredibly busy and time just slips through my fingers. My steampunk story is with my editor and I'm working on outlining book 3 in my futuristic series.

The weekend after next I'm heading out of the city to a friend's cottage with my writing group. I am hoping for great weather to shake off some of the stress of the city and to make progress with my full-length steampunk story. And obviously to have loads of fun with the girls;).

Have a great week!


May Reading

In May I re-read a couple of books I hadn’t read in some time. I also finished the first draft of a sexy steampunk novella and have been working on making the story better. I am so very excited that Tangled Hunger comes out Friday, the same day BRAVE comes into cinemas. I’ve decided to interpret that as a positive omen;).

43-49) The Chronicles of Elantra, Michelle Sagara

I love Michelle’s writing and world building, this is an awesome fantasy series which sucks me into the story no matter how many times I read it

50) Bounty, Elizabeth Raines

sexy space adventure

51) Tangled of Need, Nalini Singh

Nalini’s books are an automatic buy for me, but for the first time I’ve found myself skipping across the pages, wanting to read more about the already established couples, not the one developing in the main story; nonetheless, a fabulous read in a great series

52) Simon Says, Lori Foster

I picked this up on a whim and laughed the whole way through, Lori has such a wonderful sense of humour and combines characters who should not work together, but somehow always do, SS is one of my favourites in the SCB series

53) Say No to Joe, Lori Foster

another fabulous contemporary read with great characters

54) Just a Hint, Clint, Lori Foster

quiet teacher and big strong protector, so much fun

55) Causing Havoc, Lori Foster

been a long time since I read this and it re-enchanted me from the start

56) On the Prowl, Christine Warren

I missed this one, I love Christine’s books and tend to pick them up when they come out, but this was a pleasant surprise to find on the shelf, I adore the Others series and this fit right in

57) Reclaimed Surrender, Riley Murphey

fabulous BDSM story by a fellow Fallen Angel, I really liked how emotions dominated the book and I could feel with the heroine, I just wish a certain man would have gotten more of a punishment, but otherwise a wonderful story

58-59) Too Much Temptation/Never Too Much, Lori Foster

two brothers and the women who make the whole, great laughter and wonderful story line

60) Hard to Handle, Lori Foster

book 3 in the SCB series and the story of a life coach and a fighter who missed the title fight three times already, wonderful story

What have you been reading? I need to stock up for another plane ride and welcome any suggestions.

Tangled Hunger

Tangled Hunger comes out on June 22nd 2012! Wow, this is fast. Grace only handed in the manuscript last week. I am so very excited. I love the cover, such a great representation of Tanasha, and her story is very near and dear to my heart.

Here is the cover again and the blurb.

Tanasha Omeiko is powerless—an unusual and undesirable state for a Naema whose society deems power essential. She struggles to find her place, shunned by all but her best friend, Sydney. When that friend disappears, Tanasha suspects Sydney’s husband of being responsible. To prove him guilty, Tanasha turns to cocky and sexy Vampire PI Duncan O’Clare. 

Duncan distrusts Naemas, but when sweet and curvy Tanasha walks into his office, he’s instantly drawn to her. She makes him feel things he hasn’t in years—intrigued, enchanted and inflamed. Tanasha isn’t sure what she feels. Lust and distrust make uneasy bedfellows when she and Duncan pose as lovers to spy on Sydney’s husband.

Thrown way out of her comfort zone, Tanasha must decide if she wants to make this charade reality, risking her heart on a man so far out of her league he could be in another dimension. But Duncan surprises her at every turn. Then she discovers not only her heart depends on her link to Duncan, but also the fate of the galaxy.

Talk about trouble.

It’s up on the Ellora’s Cave website here. If you click the link you can read an excerpt as well.


And now back to my sexy steampunk, which has taken unexpected turns;).

I'm talking about the fabulous evening I had a few nights ago when a friend bid on a catered dinner during a charity auction and won. Not only did the dinner include great food, but also four firemen...

You can check it out here.


April Reading

I didn’t get to read as much as I would have liked, but still discovered some keepers.

35) A Perfect Storm, Lori Foster

I love, love, love Lori Foster’s books (am re-reading her MMA books at the moment with a big grin on my face), great dialogue and fabulous characters

36) The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, Stephanie Laurens

fantastic conclusion to the mini-series

37) Seraphina, Rachel Hartman (proof)

interesting fantasy with great worldbuilding

38) The Witness, Nora Roberts

this is Nora’s 200th book! and it is fantastic, I sat down to read a couple of chapters and hours later I looked up and was nearly done

39) Timeless, Gail Carriger

love Alexia and her adventures, this time around she’s causing havoc outside of London

40) The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, Kady Cross (proof)

so excited when I got my proof copy, great second book in an amazing series, even if the bad guy was a little predictable

41) Crystal Gardens, Amanda Quick

fun read by a great author, I’m looking forward to the next book in the series

42) The Last Boyfriend, Nora Roberts

not quite as strong as The Witness, but a thoroughly enjoying read, looking forward to book 3

I hope you discovered some keepers!

Cover Love

I’m sorry I’ve dropped off the face of the earth the last little while. I wish I could say I was neck-deep in writing, but unfortunately it’s been life that’s keeping me busy, mainly my job. Hopefully things will calm down a little bit after Victoria Day when my new GM finally arrives in store.

But I have AWESOME news. Yesterday I received my cover to Tangled Hunger, book 2 in my Celestial Surrender series and I am absolutely and utterly in love!


I just love what Caitlin Fry did. She brought my heroine Tanasha to life and the colour-scheme is beautiful.

I don’t yet have a blurb or a publication date, but I wanted to share the cover.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

March Reading

March was another great month:

22) Celebrity in Death, J. D. Robb
J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts could write a phone book and I would read it, Eve Dallas' latest adventure is intriguing and twisted and kept me glued to the seat until the end
23) Angel's Flight, Nalini Singh
Nalini is a master writer, I had already read two of the stories in this anthology, but Angel's Dance made me cry, each and every story has well developed characters and enough emotion to make you want to continue reading forever, I want to be Nalini Singh when I grow up;)
24) Private Property, Leah Braemel
sexy novella by one of my Chapter members
25) Fair Game, Patricia Briggs
OMG, I LOVED this book! I love the Mercy books, but always had a weakness for Anna and Charles, the twists and turns are amazing and the ending blew me away as I was utterly surprised, I cannot wait for the next book in the series
26) The Last Twilight, Majorie M. Liu
this was my first trip into the world of Dirk & Steele, a book I picked up at RWA last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so good it helped me to forget I was in a sardine can 30,000 feet in the air bumping around in turbulence on my way to Tokyo, the entertainment was a joke, so this book was a life saver
27) Photographs & Phantoms, Cindy Spencer Pape
a fun steampunk novella by a talented writer
28) Embrace, Jessica Shirvington (proof)
intriguing YA with great characters and an unusual storyline
29) Unraveling, Elizabeth Norris (proof)
amazing YA with a story so complex and involved I nearly had to draw graphs, unfortunately the author killed off a lot of characters toward the end which made me stop enjoying the book as much as I had at the beginning
30) Trinity, Lauren Dane
sexy first book in a series, I preferred the second book, but still enjoyed this
31) The Alchemyst, Michael Scott
fun, action-packed first book in a fabulous series
32) Erebos, Ursula Poznanski
an utterly amazing book, part thriller, part fantasy, part horror, the translation from German is fantastic and this is a story you won't forget very quickly, I recommend this book to everybody, it is fabulous
33) Neil Flambe and the Crusaders Curse, Kevin Sylvester (proof)
another fabulous and hilarious adventure of the teen chef, Kevin is a fantastic author and the mix of mystery and humour will appeal to everybody, no matter the age
34) Discount Armageddon, Seanan McGuire
this is my first book by this author and I LOVED it, Seanan created an amazing character and a world that bursts with imagination and humour, I loved every single page and cannot wait for the next book in the series, if you're looking for an urban fantasy with a twist this is the book for you

What have you read recently that you loved?

Very First Interview

I am doing my very first interview over at Mary's Naughty Whispers. Stop by if you have a moment, you can win a copy of Tangled Shadows.



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